Deflate completely by pushing the button and press Airtrac on chest.

Grip the both ends of Airtrac and widen it to apply, but not too much.

Apply around neck, and arrange hair.

Insert the small tip of rotating frame into socket at first, and paste the three Velcros.

  Apply tissue paper for chin to prevent slip forward by sweat.

Attach the bulb by rotation and pump air about 4 to 6 times. the front part have to start to expand about 1 Cm.

Bend the air-hose to prevent air-leakage during detaching the bulb. Fix the metalic valve on chest to prevent artifact image.

Place the cervical coil and laydown on it after ear-plug.

Place the cover of coil. Elevate head by small pillow till the eyes are not compressed by the cover.

Fix the head by two side-cushions.

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