Physical examination, SLR for evaluation after traction treatment. 

Separate two mats away from Lower Back, and elevate knees.

 Confirm a correct size, and deflate Airtrac 440 by pushing the button and sqeezing it.
 Refer the table of <products> for choosing size.

Loosening band for applying.

 Apply it from right side of patient.  Air hose have to be caudally.

 Natural Abdomen.                                   Suck in stomack to show Ribcage.

 Apply Airtrac 440 between the Ribcage and pelvis.

 Fasten band tightly by pushing with right hand of patient, and pulling with left hand.

 Spread wrinkled skin, both sides.

Fix the zipper and push pants under zipper part. Connect inflatable bulb by rotating it.

Pump by nails, about 80 to 120 times.

 Pump air fully with hand by hand.

Move hips up and down slowly during pumping air. (tilting pelvis forward)
Because the hips have to move caudally for lumbar traction.

Detach the bulb after full inflation.

Now, loosen band for patient to be comfortable, but Airtrac have to between the ribcage and pelvis.

Grip ankles and shake them for full relaxation, and raise legs up and down to promote stretching effect.

Remove Mats and pillow. It's better for patient not to sitt down but rotate himself to prone position.

Raise hips and trunk on knees and hands.

Full relaxation.                                         Elevate lower back (humping)
Repeat upper two posture for 5 seconds a time, for 10 to 30 times to promote full stretching. It' better in the case of partially hardened disc patients.

Full elaxation and forward bending is recommended during applying Airtrac, when erect or sitting down.

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