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frontal view of Cervical_Airtrac

oblique view of Cervical_Airtrac


Frontal view

Oblique view


Relieves neck pain & the radiating pain to shoulders, arms and hands soon after wearing AIRTRAC 3000. the protruded disc could be reduced due to be elongated intervertebral disc space and foramina by AIRTRAC 3000.


Provides sufficient traction force, more than 50 pounds, inflating the unique tube layers(LACT System) with squeezing inflatable bulb by your hand. (self-controlled, pump 20 ~40 times commonly 30 times after fuul evacuation)


Anatomically designed, self-controlled, thin (1.5 Cm) and light weight (Approx.0.4 pounds).


Can exam X-ray, CT, MRI evenwhile wearing AIRTRAC


Indication : Patients who experience immediate pain relief


                  during wearing AIRTRAC 3000.

- Slipped disc

symptoms : the radiating pain (tingling sensation or numbness...) to shoulders, arms, hands or fingers by disc level, with or without neck pain.
AIRTRAC 3000 eliminates those pains by elongating intervertebral spaces to reduce protuded disc.

- Cervical muscle strain, spasm or cramp

AIRTRAC 3000 stretches and relaxes muscles and supports lesions.
Allows full range of motion even while wearing AIRTRAC 3000 with continuous stretching force.


Use AIRTRAC 3000 for 3 ~ 25 minutes a time and several times a day.
The permanent recovery could ranges from a few days to several months depending on the degree of the severity of disease, elimination of the predisposing factor, correct appliance, correct normal posture and exercise (muscles of lower extremities, abdomen and low back), self effort to treat and prevent disease.
Consult doctor and refer to the enclosed instruction manual, the
Principle of traction therapy of 'medical principle' and instruction video (90min.) for correct use.


 Uni- sized