With the necessity of an ambulatory traction and support system in mind, Dr. C.J, Park invented AIRTRAC from his experience and knowledge. Thanks to his efforts, AIRTRAC may help patients suffering from cervical or lumbar disc problem(herniated nucleus pulposus, slipped disc), strain, spinal stenosis, degenerative spondylosis. Our ultimate goal is not only to help these patients, but also to promote public health through the study and development in various medical fields.

Allows ambulatory cervical or lumbar traction treatment.
1. Elongates the spine (vertebral separation).
2. Widens intervertebral foramina.
3. Widens intervertebral foramina.
4. Relaxes muscles with stretching.
5. Supports lesions perfectly in normal curvature of the cervical or lumbar spine.
6. Allows nearly full range of motions even while you wear in it.
Alleviates the pain in lesions due to disc herniation or radiculopathy with noticeable immediate effects.
And also, relieves radiating pain originating from those lesions radiating to occipital, shoulders, hips and extremities caused by nerve root irritation with noticeable immediate effects.

- Self-controlled ambulatory traction apparatus.
- Sufficient traction vector(force & direction).
- Perfect hanging on flanks between lower margin of rib cage and pelvic iliac crest.
- Lightweight
- Comfortable for neck and low back.
- No cervical tight sensation even in ballooning.
- Allows daily activities in office or home. (free range of motion)
- Comes in every size.
- Non-toxic & Non-allergic materials.
- Radiologic translucency and no influence in magnetic fields. (Roentgenogram and MRI. is possible even While applied)

Anyone who needs the conservative traction treatment and muscle relaxation.
- Patients with acute, chronic and relapsing(exacerbations and remissions) HNP. (buldging, protruded disc) in the lumbar or cervical spine.
- Patients with acute, chronic and strain or sprain in the lumbar or cervical lesion.
- Patients with nerve irritation (radiculopathy) caused by muscle spasm, cramp in the lumbar or cervical lesion.
- Spinal stenosis.-symptomatic treatment.
- Spinal osteoarthritis, degenerative spondylitis, spondylolysis (symptomatic treatment with care)